Masculine Submission

No greater love has a man than to live his life for the one he loves

F/m blog listings

In an effort to promote an actual community of FemDom and malesub bloggers, I’m starting this not-all-inclusive list. If you have an addition to suggest, toss it in the comments:
A Queen and Her Knight
Changing Views
Domme Chronicles
Dragon in a Cage
Dumb Domme
Femdom 101
For the Love of Dominance
I’m Hers
Kink in Exile
JT Revner
Labcoats and Lingerie
Masculine Submission
Mistress Lilyana
Not Just Bitchy
O Miss Pearl
Pure Liquid Kink
Sexual Destinies
Sexual Ramblings
Submissive Guy Comics
Submissive in Seattle
Tales of a Domme (who doesn’t take herself too seriously)
Unspeakable Axe

9 thoughts on “F/m blog listings

  1. Hi, I’m amazed at the thinking you and others writing about sub/dom relationships have put into it. I love bondage, especially being on the receiving end from a sexy woman. Simple as that. Maybe I’ve got to the stage of trying to think a bit, and I’ve started a blog, but so far even to me it looks a bit adolescent – still I’ll have a try.

  2. Perhaps you’d consider adding both/either of my blogs to this list if you enjoy them? and I just found your blog, and I’m always excited to find more F/m blogs!

  3. Although the more of the blog I read, the more I think you listed wordy blogs and not tumblr blogs, so feel free to disregard the comment. 🙂

  4. My blog would look good in that list 😉

  5. Hello, Hopefully you’d be willing to consider my blog as well.

    I think you and your readers would enjoy. Thank you for your consideration.


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