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3 years of what?

WordPress recently reminded me that I’ve had this blog open for three years. It was a bit surprising to me. Time goes quickly, though, and even more so when you don’t do something regularly. It made me think about what I am trying to do here.

I guess the answer is that I’m not really trying to do anything. This blog exists because I like to write, and I occasionally have thoughts about topics that deal with erotic/romantic male submission and/or masculinity as a social topic. It’s really just that: A place to make my thoughts public.

I know that some of my readers would enjoy more frequent and regular pieces. I truly appreciate the sentiment, and I’m a gratified that you find my words worth your reading time. But I don’t want to feel obligated to write in this space. I want it to be where I get things off my chest or where I think things through. I’m willing to sacrifice quantity for quality (I hope).

I went through the blog listings and culled a few that have closed shop. Those voices will be missed. I hope that they are moving on to happier and busier things that don’t leave time for blogging.

When I have something to say that’s important enough to finish saying, I’ll put it up here. For now, I’ll just putter away.

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